First institutional General Assembly of WEPY international ECO CAMP in Vrsac 22. and 25. of July 2005

Dear members of the WEP and WEPY,
As you know there will be an international ECO CAMP in Vrsac that will be held from 22 to 25 of July, Because of the presence of major number of the WEPY (World Ecological Parties Youth) members we found this camp as a great chance for first institutional General Assembly of WEPY. With this mail we invite all members of WEP (World Ecological Parties) that are under 31 years old and can come to be present at First Institutional General Assembly of WEPY that will be hold in Vrsac between 22 and 25 of July 2005.

Main point of this General Assembly will be Elections for WEPY Board members, President, Vice-president and General secretor it’s so important, so, please send your representatives at this time at Vrsac. Green Party ECO from Serbia as a host of this event assumes an obligation to provide accommodation and food for all present guests. Foundation of World Ecological Party Youth (WEPY) as a part of World Ecological Party’s (WEP) is supported by WEP General Assembly at Lisbon. Sincerely, Coordinator of WEPY Marjan Veljanoski

With agreement of WEPY Coordinator Carmen Hacker

We must underline: first part of this letter is information for possible participants of WEPY General Assembly, but there is also second information for all others: International ECO CAMP Vrsac 2005 is open for all WEP members under or over 31 years. Actually, everyone is welcome! Lodging for all participants is already organized for all guests. It means you don’t must to pay anything for your accommodation during camp. Of course, we prepared rooms for you not tents. There will be space for tents and if somebody like to sleep at tent that will be possible. Vrsac is town 84km far from Belgrade. Our members will weight you at Belgrade airport or bus station. Please send us answers as soon as it’s possible. We shall be happy to receive conformations about your participation at camp or at Assembly and camp!

Best regards,

Budimir Babic WEP Vice-president

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