The main issues of the World Ecological Parties are freedom, democracy, human rights and the rules of law. We want to establish an ecological and human society.

In particular, this means for us:

  1. Strengthening democratic rights:
    Promoting human rights world-wide.
    Direct democracy.
    Fight against corruption.
    Independence of policy and politicians for example in financing of political parties.
  2. Peace Developing measures
    Respect of sovereignty of small countries and their protection from the influence of centres of political and economical power.
    Respect and protection of all ethnic and religious groups.
    Work for social-ecological emancipation and prevention of conflicts.
    Prohibition of mass destruction weapons of all kinds like atomic, chemical, biological bombs and weapons using depleted uranium.
    Multilateral disarmament.
  3. Protecting basic resources
    World-wide ecological social market economy, where the costs tell the truth, and are fair distributed.
    Fast change towards energy saving and renewable energies.
    World-wide stop of nuclear energy.
    Protection of the primeval forests and the biodiversity.
    Stop of desertification. Renaturation of forests.
    Ecological agriculture.
    Rejection of genetically modified organisms except for the production of medical drugs.
    Priority for railroads in the traffic policy.
    Respect and protection of animals.
    Clean air and water.
  4. Organizing globalization socially just, and taking it as a chance
    Globalization of knowledge and international understanding, regionalization of economy.
    Solutions for the global debt trap with full consideration of the international treaty of economical, social, and cultural rights.
    Establishing fair world-trade, also towards IMF, Worldbank, and WTO.
    Strengthening the UN for ecological and social minimum standards, and for securing peace.
    Emancipation of the natural peoples and simutaneously acceptance of their way of life.
    Social justice for families.
    Clean water within the communal care for existence.
  5. Protecting life and bioethics
    Obligation of science to the human dignity.
    Protection of embryos from genetic engineering activities and medical experiments.
    Improvement of the situation of pregnant women.
    Patient rights, informed consent.
    No patents of life forms.
    Further items on neoliberal structural adjustment programs, on the Tobin tax and on aging and death in dignity will be decided upon in the next WEP conference in Strasbourg in March/April 2004.